White Rhino Dab Glow in the Dark with Quartz Straw


Are you looking for a simple way to start dabbing with professional-grade quality? Look no further than the Dab Out Glow In The Dark! This portable dab kit has all the essential pieces you need to start having an incredible time enjoying your concentrates in one convenient package.

The Dab Out Glow In The Dark comes complete with a durable quartz glass nectar collector, made for high temperature use and built to last multiple dabbing sessions. As well as a dab tool, this kit boasts three compartments to store your favorite concentrates while on the go.

This is the perfect kit for those starting out in their dabbing journey – it’s super easy to use and just as easy to take with you anywhere. Best of all it comes packed safely in glow in the dark gift box; you’ll see it straight away if you accidentally drop it into the dark depths of your bag!

So what are you waiting for? Whether your intention is quality low temp flavor or huge clouds of vapor, try out Dab Out Glow In The Dark today – we are sure this will become an essential part of your arsenal!

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