Modern Hemp Co. THCa Live Resin Disposable | Daytrip | Maui Waui


Maui Waui

  • Day Trip
  • THCa: 63%
  • CBDa: 12%
  • D9 THC: <0.3%
  • Terpenes: Pinene, B- Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Hemp derived live resin

Modern Herb Co. THCa disposables contain 100% live resin and are uncut! They are perfect for those seeking a true cannabis flavor and effect. Most alternatives for THCa on the market use terpenes combined together in an attempt to emulate the plant versus just being fully extracted from the plant. This difference has a profound impact on the taste, effect, and overall quality of the product.

The Daytrip effect blend is best for daytime, social, and active occasions. If you want a more relaxing or neutral effect, check out our Knockout and Anytime options for this product.

For THCa vapes and disposables, we sell both a THCa blend and this listing for THCa Uncut. Uncut means there is only the live resin and nothing else. This gives a fuller and longer lasting high compared to the blended products. Fuller can be confusing to understand, but imagine listening to your favorite song on a small speaker versus studio speakers where you not only hear the sound but feel it.