Elements 1 1/4″ Rolling Papers

  • Leaf dimensions: 3 in x 1 1/4 in
  • Natural rice paper
  • Magnetic sealed case
  • 50 leaves per pack
  • Each sheet is interleaved for the best fold for rolling
  • All you need is fire!

Elements all rice rolling papers are a sensible and natural choice. Elements guaranteed ultra slow burning papers are pressed until they are impossibly thin, and then a small layer of natural sugar gum is added to the leaf. Elements create zero ash when burned, only a tiny ash ring forms from the sugar gum caramelizing as it is smoked down. Elements trademark magnetically sealed pack keeps your papers in great condition when on the go. This classic 1 1/4 in leaf paper contains 50 leaves of some of the best rolling papers on earth. This is the standard size amongst most papers.